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Andress & Associates consultants have strong technical and consulting skills as well as a deep commitment to making a contribution to organizations that seek to improve communities.

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Why choose Andress & Associates?

We produce results that make an immediate difference for our clients, by:

  • Designing innovative and cost-effective research approaches that include both qualitative and quantitative data collection;
  • Developing protocols and conducting interviews and focus groups;
  • Developing and implementing on-line, phone, and mail surveys;
  • Analyzing data, including conducting content analysis of qualitative data;
  • Developing reports and presentations that are clearly written, visually engaging, and respond to clients' needs;
  • Working with clients to help them learn from and act on the information we provide; and
  • Managing projects with an orientation toward customer service, staying within project timelines and budgets.
We produce reports, publications, research, and trainings that respond to our clients' needs and hold broader lessons for the field.

Andress Ask Us

We will be happy to discuss how we can help your department, organization, or foundation assess its' capacity to address health inequities and design strategies and initiatives that help you help your community.

Please feel free to contact us at (713) 553-8192 or email us.

Research Services answer our clients' questions about how to:

  • Establish a health equity program;
  • Assess their internal readiness to address health equity;
  • Analyze the sociopolitical climate and level of willingness in their community to support a health equity effort;
  • Work with populations that have health inequities;
  • Determine the level of civic engagement and capacity of communities to take on issues;
  • Identify and address the unmet needs in their communities; and
  • Assess the national and international strategies available to address health inequities.

Andress & Associates Research Services Include:

  • Health Equity Readiness Assessments
  • Measuring and building civic capacity
  • Environmental Scans to assess the level of support for a health equity effort and the existing services and organizations addressing health inequities
  • Development of strategies to build community understanding of and support for health equity work
  • Construction of training courses and curricula to advance health equity work in your organization
  • Strategic Planning
  • Evaluation Planning
  • Evaluation Instrument Development
  • Issues Framing
  • Health and Social Impact Assessments
  • Community Building Strategies
Andress & Associates
An Explanatory Model for Health Equity
  • Improving health equity requires that we examine the determinants of health outside healthcare and behavioral risk factors.
  • Many of these determinants of health are social conditions that involve public policy decisions made by government.
  • In some cases, these policy decisions and issues can undermine the social determinants of health leading to health inequities.