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Andress & Associates helps create community conditions and public policies that make the healthy choice the easy choice.


We work with you to create a healthy society through public policy initiatives.

Andress & Associates

What We Do

Andress & Associates consulting services works with local and state health departments, foundations, community health centers, and non-profit social service organizations to examine, design, implement, and improve their efforts to address health inequities or health disparities. We are committed to helping you meet community needs.


Fundamental Beliefs

Many groups of Americans are significantly less healthy than others and Americans overall are not as healthy as people in other developed countries.

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What are Health Inequities?

Health experts now know that people's health is influenced by what they call the Overall Life Odds of the place where we live, that the quality of jobs or schools or housing or other conditions are all hidden health factors that affect our health.

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Ask Andress Associates

We will be happy to discuss how we can help your department, organization, or foundation assess its' capacity to address health inequities and design strategies and initiatives that help you help your community.

Please feel free to contact us at (713) 553-8192 or email us.


Our Services

Andress & Associates consultants have strong technical and consulting skills as well as a deep commitment to making a contribution to organizations that seek to improve communities.

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Clients & Projects

Andress & Associates are proud of our clients and projects. We produce reports, publications, research, and trainings that respond to our clients' needs and hold broader lessons for the field.

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Publications & Presentations

Andress & Associates are pleased to share our online publications and resources and hope that it will benefit efforts to improve society.

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